Product information:  Additional components 
This series of turbochargers are engineered for Nissan skyline RB25det, it will also providing similar output on other 2.5L inline 6 engines. engines.

SS profile introduces:

Light weight billet 7075 alloy compressor wheel  and fixed nozzle(s) turbine housing. under nozzles direction, hot air blows onto specific spots of turbine wheel resulting faster shaft speed. It dynamically advances the build up of boost and torque lower gears, resulting very dynamic drivability.


Braided oil feeding line: $88
Dump pipe flange: $55
SS2/3 V band assembly: $110
SS2/3 CNC V band assembly: $150
SS1/2 Rb25det bolton assembly: $275
Internally gated bolton results
Our turbochargers comes with 12 month unlimited KMs warranty on all components
supplied. This warranty does not cover failures cased from foreign objects or oil related issues.
Basic turbocharger pricing:  
SS1xx   SS2~3
CNC Vband assembly
Profile   Price
SS1 (cast) T3x 450HP $1000
SS1 billet T3x 350HP $1150
SS1.5 T3x 430HP $1150
SS1PU T3x 470HP $1150
SS2 T3x 480HP $1150
Key benefits:
360 degrees Thrust bearing
Heat treated steel wheels and shaft
Suitable for High Boost applications
Evaluation car (R33 S1 Rb25det):
CP 9:1 forged pistons
Super Tech Valve springs
Power Enterprise 800cc injectors
Adaptronic plug-in ECU
Greedy Profect B EBC
600x300x75mm PWC Cooler kit
3.5inches Xforce turbo back exhaust
4inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
Brea steam pipe exhaust manifold, 50mm gate. unless stated other wise.
Click here for internally gate bolton results Nissan internally gated bolt on assembly
ATR43SS1 Billet 276rwkws Ext gated. E85 Boost
ATR43SS1 Billet 298rwkws Ext gated. E85 Boost
ATR43SS1PU 322rwkws Ext gated. E85  
ATR43SS2 Std manifold Externally gated  
Pump 98 307rwkws Boost
ATR43SS2 E85 359rwkws Ext gate Boost
ATR43SS2 BB E85 374rwkws Ext gate Boost
ATR43SS3.63 Rb25det Externally gated  
Pump 98 304rwkws Boost
ATR43SS3.82 Rb25det Externally gated  
E85 387rwkws Camshaft maxed. Dyno run was done with on a short ramp avoiding engine damages. response does not represent real life data.  
Developer's notes:

Please have a look at some of the modification factors if this turbo is going to be made into a bolton unit.

For turbo selections:

SS units has a unique on road behavior of their own, I will add in a quick description of each one.

The power level I'm referring to are based on Pump 98 fuel unless specified.

SS1/Billet/1.5 is a small turbocharger that is made to match factory response. When fitted to a Rb25det engine it produces excellent down low power but not so much top end. This turbo is perfect for a smaller Nissan RB20det engines.

SS1PU is a billet and overall larger version of SS1. The power delivery of it is very dynamic. Zappy fast on road, it is ideal for people whom's after responsive 260rwkws for a Rb25det engine.

SS2 is a billet turbo with larger turbine ends. It produces linear and aggressive power delivery when fitted to a RB25det, feels like a small box V8 on road, it is recommended for people whom's after around the 280rwkws mark best externally gated

SS3 is an externally gated turbocharger. It has similar power delivery behavior to a SS2 with even more aggressive power delivery. This turbo is excellent for tracking or drifting on E85 fuel.

Feel free to drop in an email if you have any questions relating to modifications using one of our turbochargers or require more information or assistance on choosing the right turbocharger.

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