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Our turbocharger venture dated back from 2005. We are specialising in many sorts of turbocharger building, rebuilding, high flowing, and modifications. Our turbochargers are built in Australia using qualified Australian engineers, and precision equipments. We have commit many years improving and perfecting our products. Retail price quoted are in Australian dollars including GST.


Internally gated turbochargers

Waste gate is built in or adapted on to the turbine housing of a turbocharger. inlet manifold boost pressure is controller by an actuator.

This type of boost control is commonly used on OEM vehicles, it is also an Australian road legal requirement.

$850 From $850 From $1010




 Nissan Vg30dett upgarde

 Nissan CA/SR upgrade

  Nissan Rb25 upgrade

ATR-TD05 18.5G ATR43SS ATR45
From $850 From $1210 $1150 Special offer
450HP  400~500HP 600HP T3 MEDIUM SIZE
Nissan CA/SR Billet upgrade Nissan Rb25 upgrade XR6 Turbo replacement



Externally gated Turbochargers

This type of waste gate is sold separately and normally connects to an aftermarket exhaust manifold. Ventilated exhaust gas can be directly released into atmosphere or plumbed back into the exhaust system.

Externally gated turbo systems generally makes better power and torque compare to internally gated systems. How ever it is banned on road in most Australian states.

ATR-TD06SL220.5G ATR-SLSS2 ATR-T67 billet 25.5G
From $850 $1100 $850
470HP 530HP 550HP
T3 Billet Turbocharger T3 Turbocharger T3 Turbocharger

From $900 From $1100 $900
400~600HP T3 SIZE 400~600HP 600HP
TURBOCHARGER T3 Billet Turbocharger T3 Turbocharger
$1500 From $2250  
900HP 400~600HP  
T6 Turbocharger Power and Response  


Overhaul Service Hiflow Service  


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