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This is a service that high flows factory OEM Rb25det turbochargers. Same service can also be carried out on Rb20det engines.

High flowed turbocharger will be fitted with a brand new core with larger steel made wheels.

PU high flow options comes with a brand new .63 and .82 rear housings with OEM patterns that bolt straight on to factory manifold and dump pipe, as well as an high pressured actuator rated available in 15 and 20psi.

Braided oil feeding line is required for all profiles. We can supply it for $88 additional.

Cost (including oil line):

Std high flow profile is: $860

PU high flow profile is $1150

Braided oil feeding line: $88
15 and 20psi Actuator with bracket: $120
Our turbochargers comes with 12 month unlimited KMs warranty on all components
supplied. This warranty does not cover failures cased from foreign objects or oil related issues.
High flow profiles:
Model Std PU.63 PU.82
R32     400HP 430HP --
R33 430HP 450HP 500HP
R34 450HP -- 500HP
Key benefits:

360 degrees Thrust bearing
Heat treated steel wheels and shaft
Suitable for High Boost applications
Evaluation car (R33 S1 Rb25det):
CP 9:1 forged pistons
Super Tech Valve springs
Power Enterprise 800cc injectors
Adaptronic plug-in ECU
Greedy Profect B EBC
600x300x75mm PWC Cooler kit
3.5inches Xforce turbo back exhaust
4inches intake pipe with Pod
Split fire coil packs
Brea steam pipe exhaust manifold
Std high flow for 21U R33 turbo  
Std high flow for OP6 R34 turbo  
PU .82 high flow  
Developer's notes:

There are couple of points I'd like to mention for Rb25det skylines modifiers.

1. Factory intake pipe must be replaced. It is too small for any thing above 240rwkws, We've done a back to back test regarding to it, and result is here. Some thing of  a hard metal pipe around 4 inches is recommended.

2. We did couple of tests using our G3 .82 Type A rear housing on factory exhaust manifold and found its restrictive and not very useful for any thing above 280rwkws internally gated on 98 fuel. To a proper made steam pipe manifold, there is 2~3 degrees differences in top range timing with 25kws of power. How ever 280rwkws is still respectable for a standard engine. Welding an external waste gate on factory exhaust manifold can also increase power output substantially.

3. If you own a R33 GTST with a standard Rb25det in it, then it is a good idea to not run any boost above 20psi, the factory valve springs and hydraulic lifters are not strong enough for it. It is noticed from a strange power curve like in this sheet here, and ultimately wears out valves and valve sets.

4.A good tuner is extremely important for the final outcome. I've seen many bad tunes, not only making less power with poorer drivability, some of them a potentially dangerous that leads to engine failure. Examples Power curve, Boost curve, AFR. Unfortunately we don't tune cars, how ever I'm happy to introduce good tuner to you if you are in Australia. 

Feel free to drop in an email if you have any questions relating to modifications using one of our turbochargers or require more information or assistance on choosing the right turbocharger.

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