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Welcome to HyperGear
We are a professional  Turbocharger builder  rebuilder and modifier  established in Melbourne  Australia since 2006.
Our work are hand crafted using  quality materials and experienced Australian engineers based on data generated through hundreds of hours of dyno time. Our  turbochargers are built to achieve their performance targets.



Service Overview
We are specialized in all sorts of turbo jobs big or  small. including bearing housing rebore, com/turbine housing re-profiling,  sleeving, custom CHRA building, custom machined bearings, collars, thrust plates, back plates, anti-surge slotting, and many more.


Brand new turbochargers
ATR25G1 300HP
ATR28G2 450HP
ATR28G3 500HP
ATR43G3 500HP
Other models
Price starting from $950
ATR43G3 .82 turbocharger is an easy bolton upgrade for Nissan Skyline GTST Rb25det engines supporting maximum of 500HP
300rwkw on pump 98 with excellent mid to top end power and plenty of torque.

It uses OEM  Nissan Rb25det's exhaust manifold, dump pipe, oil outlet, oil drain, and water lines.

RRP: $1180


Turbocharger rebuilding service
CA18/SR20 T28
Rb30det T3x
VG30det T3x
Ford GT35/40
Patrol T3x
Other makes
Price starting from $440
OEM Turbocharger high flow service
R33 R34 GTST T3x
R32 GTST T3x
Silvia/180sx T28
S13 /180sx T25
Soarer CT12A
Supra CT20
Chaser CT15B
Holden VL T3
Other makes
Price starting from $880
ATR28G2 .64 turbocharger is a 450HP bolton upgrade for Nissan180sx, Silvia  SR20det and
CA18det motors. They are ideal for 250rwkws application with quick response and excellent mid range power.
It fits factory exhaust manifold, dump pipe water lines and oil drain.
RRP $950
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